The Addoson Group, Inc. is a Design Firm located in beautiful Orlando, Fl. Although we are a new firm, our people come with an array of skills and expertise, and we have over 15 years combined experience. 

We are 100% certain that any work you need is deliverable by us. Our discipline, focus, and creativity allows us to deliver our projects on time and with excellence.

We specialize in:

Residential Designs (Production Homes, Single Family, Additions)

Conceptual Designs

2D/3D Renderings

Existing Building Scoping/Measure-ups

Although located in Florida, we have the ability to provide design services to clients in all 50 states.

We look forward to a great, long term business relationship with our clients. 

We are up front, and integrity is the foundation we stand on. 

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Christopher Baugh was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica, where he attended the prestigious Kingston College High School. While there, he majored in technical courses in aim to focus on his Engineering Degree.

He migrated to the United State at age 17 and while attending college in New Jersey, he majored in Civil Engineering Technology which set the pace for his career at various Engineering Firms in Florida. He had the opportunity to work on many projects including, Residential, Commercial, and High Rise buildings.

Soon, the opportunity to inspect various Highway Construction projects arose, and while on these projects, he realized that his true purpose and passion was in Building Construction and Design. 

On finding out this purpose, he joined with his wife Renée and created The Addoson Group, a Residential and Conceptual Design Firm in Orlando Florida, where he is the President and Designer, and also adds excellent insight on financial projections for the company.

Christopher currently resides in beautiful Orlando Florida with his lovely wife Renée and their four young kids; Elijah, Caleb, Seth and Eliana.



"There is no limit...."   -Chris Baugh



Renee R. Baugh, migrated from the island of Barbados at age 15, and is a Design Professional with more than 12 years experience in the design field. She acquired her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the New Jersey School of Architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2005. 

Baugh Designs, her Residential Design and Graphics firm was started in 2006. However, as of August 2013, Renee and her husband has joined as a team to start The Addoson Group!

In addition to her professional experience Mrs. Baugh has a heart for serving God and His people. She also has a passion for helping young women, especially those who are scarred from the pains of childhood. She is a true example that faith and trusting in God can heal from all hurt, and is a firm believer that our past should not define who we are! 

Renee and her husband Christopher make their home in Orlando, Florida and have three sons, Elijah, Caleb and Seth, and one daughter, Eliana.


424 E. Central Blvd #710 Orlando, Fl 32801 

Tel 407.247.6504

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